Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Views Expressed Here

It was recently brought to my attention that some of the advertising on this blog has not been as understated as one might expect. When I checked back in on the site, I only saw the Obama/Biden ad which I found humorously ironic. But it was not the ad which my friend assured me has been prominently displayed for several days.

He said it was an ad promising introductions to (not double), (not tamale minus the ta) individuals of (neither high nor low) (neither nothern, nor western nor southern) extraction.

If you are wondering about the indirect description above, it is because you are not an algorithm driven ad bot (an ADAB). ADABs never wonder about such things. Specifically, you are not the ADAB which, acting on behalf of one of my relentless commercial promoters, has scoured my site for interesting, unique and marketable terms. So, one must be careful about the breadcrumbs one leaves behind. Consequently, were I to disclaim the ads tempting your clicking finger with sin**e mi*dl* **stern w*me* in explicit terms, I would merely be inviting more of such advertising.

So, if an ad seems a bit too unexpected, know that it is merely an inadvertent bump on the road to profound wealth from blogging. If you don't buy that, I'll spare you the truth which is that a script reviews your (the reader's) browsing history and selects appropriate ads. Feel free to shoot me an email with a description of the objectionable ad and your full name and address.