Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hey, No Pushing!

In the Worthy of Mention column is a car I rolled up behind at a traffic light yesterday. I am fascinated by the stuff people put on the back of their cars. They are like little windows into the personalities of the owners.
So you get two messages - the text and the subtext. Mouseover the bumper stickers below for the subtext.

I'm seldom surprised by the content, on either level, of the bumper sticker. I'm always bemused by their willingness to share it or perhaps their obliviousness to what they reveal... Which brings us back to the traffic light and the car idling in front of us.

It was a Volkswagen jetta circa early 80's. On the right rear was a Free Tibet sticker. On the left rear were two bicycle related bumper stickers. The first with an admonition that cars don't own the road and/or that bicycles/bicyclists are people too. The second one looked sort of like this.

So far there is nothing particularly noteworthy or amusing, right? What a jetta with Free Tibet and bikey likes it bumper stickers? (Sure, that might be good for like a half smirk - if you love the environment what's with the gas burning vehicle...if you love bikes why aren't you riding one...) But, what really caught my eye was the juxtaposition of all that with the thing dangling from his rear view mirror.

Fuzzy Dice?
-- No. Roll again.
Christmas Tree Air Freshener?
-- No.
Faux(?) Native American Dream Catcher?
-- Bingo. And how.

I was just taken by this guy's ability to pick a contender.

Can you think of three groups you'd rather take to a property rights dispute?

I mean seriously.


AB said...

Thanks man. You made me laugh while I was taking a sip of water. Now I have to clean my computer screen!

I have to implement safety precautions when viewing your site.

Dot or Feather said...

Looks like it could have been purchased at a Dollar Tree. I bet the Indian is really crying now.

Mary Poppin Capps said...

Turns out that the Free Tibet guy is statistically more likely to pop a cap in you than someone with an unadorned car: Territorial Markings as a Predictor of Driver Aggression and Road Rage.