Friday, August 8, 2008

The VanPan Man Can

To the tune of The Candy Man
Who can take a happy meal,
tear it all to bits,
leave it in the car so mold can grow on it?
Your kids can, your kids can,
They'll turn your minivan into their trash can
cause that's the way they ride...

Who can take a messy van,
make it nice and clean,
keep it so that it is always pristine?

I have no idea.

But I do know who can take pictures of it, post them with hilarious descriptions and leave you feeling a little better with the knowledge that you aren't the only one.

We just call him the Van Pan Man

The crying indian has a tear in his eye because "Your minivan is so messy."


Van Pan Fan said...

The indian is crying because he sat on one of the fossilized banana peels.

Anonymous said...

I like Emma Peel.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't like Emma Peel?

Bolt McMann said...

I find her very appealing!

Gorky Park said...

You're a bunch of loons!